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Because the world needs software to work perfectly
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About the company

Dynatrace is a software product company developing an all-in-one software intelligence platform. We provide automated, AI-powered full-stack coverage to give our customers answers, not just data. Founded in 2005 in Linz, Austria, Dynatrace has grown to a diverse and international team of experts spread across the globe. Our shared curiosity drives us to go beyond the obvious solution and anticipate the future, using our agile mindset to explore root causes and find new approaches when faced with setbacks. We don't just work together; we respect each other, laugh with each other, and of course celebrate our successes with each other.

Our product

We believe that the world needs software to work perfectly. That's why we reinvented our product from scratch and surprised the market with our Software Intelligence Platform for the enterprise cloud. Our platform combines Application performance management, Cloud infrastructure monitoring, IT Operations powered by AI and Digital customer experience management. It helps customers like Google, SAP, Amazon, Microsoft, H&M, Audi/VW, BMW, Samsung and others to deliver perfect software. We work with modern software technologies like Java, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Golang, Swift. In Klagenfurt, we have full-stack teams that contribute to our Software Intelligence Platform. The backend development is done in Java and for the frontend we use Angular though some applications are also implemented in Python and Go. Our Continuous integration process is based on Git, Bitbucket and JIRA along with a build server like Jenkins. Continuous deployment is achieved by build servers in combination with cloud technologies like Docker, Kustomize, or Kubernetes. Our product is run in the AWS cloud, although Google Cloud Platform is also considered as a potential cloud environment.

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